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Best Practices in Certified Title Services

ALTA BEST Practices CertificationMarketplace Title is Third-Party Best Practices Certified Marketplace Title has been certified in the ALTA Best Practices by national CPA firm Pershing, Yoakley & Associates, P.C. (PYA). To verify the credentials directly from PYA click here and enter the following unique code: D5P5-X3Qi-1VQQ-3Q

Going above and beyond for your peace of mind

Throughout our organization, Marketplace Title emphasizes responding, rather than reacting. It starts with our name. A marketplace exists anywhere there is a supply to meet a demand. We’ve made our name by anticipating the needs of lenders, real estate agents and consumers.

As the marketplace becomes more sophisticated, lenders will be vetting title companies more closely. True to our history, we’ve taken some unique steps to set a benchmark for expertise, quality and stability in our field. As a proud member of the American Land Title Association (ALTA), we have taken the voluntary step of becoming Best Practices certified – not because this certification might someday be required by all lenders, but because we’ve built our reputation on providing the highest standard of protection to lenders and consumers.

The Best Practices entail seven “pillars” of guidance that govern practices surrounding escrow accounting procedures, the security of non-public personal information, title policy production and delivery, and every factor that contributes to a worry-free closing experience for all involved.

There are three levels of certification, from self-certification to certification by a third party. Naturally Marketplace Title has opted for the most stringent of these, and have enlisted the neutrality and detailed scrutiny of a supremely qualified certified public accounting firm. Although we’re confident you could take our word for it, we don’t think you should have to.